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Water Resistant - Perfect for indoor and outdoor uses!

LED fountain lights with control DMX. Can output 1.6 kinds of colors for a dynamic light display. Spectacular light and water show enhances any pond, pool or fountain.

sophisticated water/light system at the foot of Tower of David

ARTNET system controlling 2000 lights and water jets together with music

Create Unique Lighting Effects with LED Technology

Using light to design urban spaces. Outdoor and indoor suitable unique design Working with intelligent lighting home control.

Elegant, Low Profile for architechtural enhancements

UVarious designs with unlimited illumination options. High lumen output delivers optimal light distribution. Environmentally friendly lead-free gas Our Led deliver extremely long life.

Safe, Reliable and Energy Saving

Create dramatic lighting in outdoor environment. Safety with Low voltage 12V / 24V, kids-friendly. Comfort and Reliability for efficient lighting.

Impact resistance

Impact resistance and low energy consumption. Economical and maintenance free. Can easily be integrated into standard floors.

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There's a way to do it better - find it Thomas Alva EdisonLED Design technology has gained momentum over the years and has many advantages compared to other lighting solutions.The owners with backgrounds and experience in the field of lighting design,...

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